Ocjp constitution

ocjp constitution

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☝1 Leave if you are not interested in group
☝2 Leave if too many messages for you
☝3 No Spam
● No group link without admin’s permission

● No unrelated content

– unrelated in this case to programming / IT

– unrelated to subject

– no joke posting either in picture or words

● If a post is noticed in several groups, it will be considered as spam
☝3.2 Religion
In a non-religious group, people of many different religions or atheists join and so, religion-related posts are not appropriated and entails removal if not approved by admin
☝4 Language
● Only english allowed

● More than one post in another language is not allowed
☝5 Admin approved posts
All posts classified under spam but exceptionally approved by admin shall put
~approved by admin 

and contacted admin’s number below it


☝5.2 Frauds
putting the approval sign fradulously or admin mimicking or any other impersonations is not allowed
☝6 Swearing 
Swearing is not allowed, even in correcting Spammers.
☝6.2 Abuses
No abuses against other members
☝7  Changes
No change of topic or group picture unless admin approved
All the above if not respected leads to removal

Off topic talk is demotivating and frustrate learners.

Feel free to contact admin for any suggestions

Make the learning environment as enjoyable as possible

Share resources if you deem it fit to do so
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