Planning is crucial to max out resources. Anybody who plans can achieve sweet results, be it school children or secretaries. You dream about something ? Bring it to completion. For the common man, the main hindrance to planning is a nice tool. True, your paper notebook might be best, but you have no idea where to start or … you might not trust your skills. Fortunately, your worries are over, believe in yourself and meet Trello !

Trello : You Design It

Trello is a service across desktop, mobile and web. It provides a beautiful integration with your workflow, be it a businessman, software company, shopkeeper … the list goes on. It is not a predefined solution, it only defines the lego bricks. You are the architect, you build, sky is litterally the limit.

Only one thing you need, sign in for an account ! Your trello minions now await your orders.

Trello basics

Your trello account has boards


Here is what it looks on trello


Each board has lists


And each list has cards


Here is what it looks :


picture at

You see, your tools take no time to learn.

Here are some tips to kickstart a new journey

Tip 1 : Track tasks by time

tasks by time

Tip 2 : Track tasks by week day


Tip 3: Add checklist to check task completion


here is a real-life demo !


Tip 4 : Build great collections


Tip 5 : Track expenses


Tip 6 : Use labels


labels are colors to add to your cards

Trello controls are intuitive, easy and bursting of vigour !

Some more tips :

add three boards :

todo | doing | done

Create board by mails

Submit by
You can add due dates

Add members !

Trello mistakes to avoid

While trello can be a great tool, watch out for those pitfalls

Explain what Trello is
If you are trying to use trello at team level, be sure to explain about Trello and it’s benefits. Fire up their enthusiasm. Otherwise, your team will look upon Trello as another boring space-taking software to install.

Judge task value
While putting tasks on your list, be sure to break them into the right size, too big and you won’t know how to start

Use the app
Remember, after presentations, you won’t expect members to be using Trello full speed. They are not machines, explain how the team is using the app and tomorrow what is to be done !

Remember, Trello is your tracker, so, update it. Yes, remember to update

Add only as needed
Don’t be afraid to add lists but don’t add what is unneeded. You’ll be processing junk a few times per day


I hope this article will help you get started with Trello. Believe me, Trello is not the same for everyone. Each team / person must find his own style; how things work for him. If ever you are copying boards, use them as reference but don’t believe that that board is the ultimate reference. Trello is a tool, and tools help.