With the launch of kotlin, android studio is a really nice tool for Android Development. However, it is known to unpack with a load of bugs with random bugs popping out through out your dev time with it. However, the most fantastic bug with the 32 bit version is that … an embedded 64 Bit jre is used as default.

Unbelievable is the word !

Yes, they embed a 64 bit jre on the 32 bit version. They can go further by providing you with the 64 bit version to download when you press the 32 bit download, who knows …

Squash it ! +1

To solve it, go to : settings … project structure … uncheck use embedded jre … use custom jre path. don’t input any jre path, go to program files / Java then select the appropriate jdk/jre

Install errors : Squash it ! +2

you’ll be notified about missing installs, in the console click on install missing components