this tutorial assume some affinity to github like creating a new repository

enter the git bash shell cd into your project, in case you forgot see it here .

now find a random repository and get the download url

on github press the clone or download button

this is the url for my honeybot repo :

to clone it in my folder :

on git shell write

git clone

it will be downloaded

to view directory content write


and to view the content of a particular file write

cat *file-name-here*

now for a change create a new repository and download it same as above using git clone

now on github modify the repo, git status will notify you of a change

now you need to update your local copy

to do so write

git pull origin master

now on modify a file on your pc

to update the github copy, do

git push origin master

on github refresh and see if you added a new file, you should see it there

of course, don’t forget to commit like in the last post!



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