as usual,  no beat around the bush

git is a version control system


it tracks all changes to files as well as allowing shared contributions locally as well as remotely

1] Download git from

make sure to download the correct os version and if windows check 32 or 64 bits

2] While download check create icons, if you missed no worry. Also check allows git to be started from directories

3] After, start git bash


we’ll create a new repository and add a file to track

1] go to where you want to create your repo
let us say i want to create in desktop and desktop path is
i write

cd C:/Users/myName/Desktop

where cd means change directory
2] create your folder let us say learn

mkdir learn

where mkdir means make directory
3] go to the just created directory write

cd learn

4] initialise a repository

git init

this tells git to monitor that folder
git will add some files in that folder
5] check status

git status

this will tell you no commits
6] create a new file let us say we want to name it


the file will be created
7] open the file in a text editor like sublime text
add some text press save
8] do git status
it will tell you untracked file
9] we have to tell git to track the file we just created

git add

10] now add a commit
a commit tells what changes were made, acts like a point which you can refer to

git commit -m "initial tests"

where -m means message and the actual message is enclosed between “”

Based on the git tutorial i like most :