Do you have files haphazardly organized on your PC? Do you happen to have cluttered files on your Desktop? Is your Downloads folder so disorganized it’s barely easy to locate the file you want to open? Would you like all these files arranged in an organized manner?



Well, of course, you do. One final question – would you like these files to be organized automatically at the push of a button?


If your answer to the last question is yes then feel at ease. Sorter is a program which has been developed to suit your needs and make your computing life easier. With Sorter you can select the folder in which files are cluttered and have the files organized (or sorted out) for you in a manner you can easily locate each one of them.


How Sorter works

Sorter recognizes that different files are in different formats – or types. A file in a PC is a collection of data in a single unit. Images, music, videos and pretty much everything you open on a PC is stored as a file. Most PC users are aware of the PDF format/type for documents that can be opened in Adobe Acrobat; Microsoft Office Word generates/saves files in the format of DOCX or DOC; pictures, on the other hand, occur in the formats of JPEG and GIF amongst others. These file formats/types can be easily identified by noting the characters after the dot near the right end of the file name.


Sorter uses this file format data to group/sort the files together. In essence, Sorter groups all PDF files together, in a single folder, but separate from JPEG files which are also grouped together in a different folder. At the end of the Sorter operations, you will end up having all PDFs together, DOCX together and so on. Brilliant, isn’t it? All the effort of tirelessly organizing your files manually can be solved just by the push of a button.



The plus side to Sorter is that it can also group related file types together. That is to say, since DOCX files, PDF files, and DOC files are all documents, then they ought to be stored in the same folder – named documents. This is what Sorter does quite easily. Furthermore, Sorter is not just limited to the chosen folder but can also be directed to work on the subfolders of the subfolders (to the nth). In the end, you will have your hierarchy of folders arranged and grouped according to the file types found in them.


Sorter is available for download at http://file-sorter.sourceforge.io with further guides at http://github.com/giantas/sorter


Introduction to sorter by Paul Aswa

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