What’s the use of a bookmark manager?

tired of looping over links is the answer


The default Chrome bookmark facility does not look great, let alone giving you the desire of ever using the bookmark feature



chrome bookmark screenshot



But i came to know the Ninja Bookmark manager quite unexpectedly, and it’s great !


ninja bookmark icon


Here it is in action :


ninja bookmark screenchot


You can access the dashboard anywhere by clicking on the ‘Ninja Dashboard’ link

Adding links to the bookmark manager is just one click away . . .


Just as real-world bookmarks, you can choose the colour of the bookmarks, rendering your browsing experience far more flowery

A beast

It has far more features then a link manager requires, it is truly a m a z i n g


It has a 30-day free trial, after that, it is

billed annually


what to reward a dev consecrating his full time, energy and enthusiasm over this project.

Learn more here :


Test it 


Test it here / sign up :


Really Good