Bugs occur here and there . . . bugs exist but not in it’s widely given meaning, or more preferably, it is a synonym.

The synonyms of bugs


_ you make mistakes due to

___ poor understanding

___ forgetfulness

___ thoughtlessness


_ the fault is in the API


_ the unknown external factor entered the scene


Instead of hammering that there are bugs in the program, reassess the situation. Did you learn properly to begin with? Is the current situation really of a random nature? A weak foundation in the subject matter is the answer to a good portion of coding errors

Sometimes, it is not your fault, when wiring someone’s else program, you maybe did not fully understand what he did or if you understand what he did, especially on some large pieces of code, poor organisational skills result in an increased probability of human mistake, you forget elements which you should have taken into consideration . . .

Fatigue is a state which the coder avoids at all cost. When you are starting to make silly mistakes, you know it’s time off the keyboard

Now if you coded everything right but you are getting errors, why not question the docs? Rarely the good answer but an option which should not be lost in focus.

If everything is right, maybe the environment was misconfigured or an external factor penetrated the environment, causing irrational behaviours, failing to understand the environment does not enter in this category . . .

If in a rigid environment of straight forward co-relation you still manage to get ‘bugs’, have you ever wondered how you are managing life?

You are just being careless in planning and action.