Man is a creature endowed with reasoning and balanced physical disposition.

Man is an intelligent animal

Inherent disposition of man

Man and every creature has been given two kinds of resources one of which  is called Primary and the other Secondary resources. Time falls in the first category,   physique in the other.

About Individuality of resources

Primary resources are unique to each and everyone.

2 people can build a wall in a shorter time than it would have taken one man provided the rate of working is constant, but it is at the cost of their own individual resources. That cannot be transferred.

Material possessions can be exchanged, gained or lost.

Beauty and intelligence, if it is not transferrable, it is prone to diminition.

About Tendency

Man and everything has a natural disposition towards the static state but equilibrium as well as the existence of man run on dynamism.

The force of chaos acts to take things from a higher order of tidiness to a level of basic tidiness. Chaos exist not. The absence of tidiness yes.

To maintain tidiness it requires the burning of both kinds of resources.

Man has a natural disposition to promote chaos, to act contrary to a state of illumination.

About actions

Actions are linked to time. Static or dynamic states matters not, if time flows, action is being done.

Pain, Pleasure and Promises

These 3 words resume the motivating force driving the actions of man at individual and collective level.

Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain is the motto of the self.

There is pleasure in not doing anything. There is pain in going against slackness. Pain denotes a feeling of it’s own varying in degrees accruing from the abscence of pleasure as well as in Original Pain.

The second motivating force is promises of pain and pleasure. Fire is not touched on the basis of a promise of pain. Delicious food is anticipated not on pleasure but on the promises of pleasure.

Nothing is certain, but man acts as if he has been promised something.

 About Pragmatism

Man supports the unpalateable in return of something. 

He supports torture in the hope of preservation. His pleasure lies in the protection of his ideology.

The acting under coertion is based on promises of further pain or pleasure.

About the love of the self

Love or more precisely attachment to the self, to the comfort of the self, acting upon the pleasure, pain and promises base rule is a projection of the reality of others. 

This in turn leads to if not prioritise at least make others be in the same state of hapiness as the self.

This can leads to the self being a mere reflection of the self of others in terms of specific emotions.

About Profit

The return of investment and the addiction of means seeking is a subset of pleasure. The search for knowlege is a further subset.

This said, the reality of knowledge is actuality and actions not archives and acclaims.

About survival

Though high in priority, the absolute struggle for survival is a subset of pleasure. It can be a recoil of the love for the self, effacing everything else in it’s trajectory.

There is nothing wrong in death. Fear is only promises of pain.

About me

Self-centeredness is reached in an ephemary period of pseudo stability.

Impassiveness of the order of the creation infuses the realisation that man and the smallest particle of dust have the same say.

About you

There is a common characteristic which is common between the tangible and the intangible, the perceptible and the inperceptible, reality and fiction, between actions and concepts and that is : the property of existance.

Everybody is the administrator of his resources but contracts of coordination with others smoothes the cycle of existance.

Man cares about others in information gathering, for profits  both his and theirs.

Written by a member of the human race