An amazing browser, at last !

Lightweight, fast and easy, Opera takes the innovation lead in the browsing market. The new (and cute) Opera Neon takes browsing experience to the next level.

Product differentiation

Browsers just provide a search box, download to see why Opera Neon matters

Overview of features :

In the left pane you can open new window,  select to listen to saved recordings, take a snapshot of websites, save , and view them.

Tabs appear as balls in the right pane. You can close them at anytime.

Saved pages appear as bobbed bubbles. in the middle ! Just click and drag tabs / bubbles to the save area to save

Left bottom is the settings button found.

Deleted saved pages disappear in a puff of smoke

Speed of Never-seen-land

Don’t know how they managed it, but the speed is just literally mind blowing

Logical : Background of Browser put to desktop background as default

Why two backgrounds when your favourite passes everywhere? You can always put 2 if you wish . . .

Chrome hits the ground

Just use it and see why Chrome is outdated,by far.