We now ship newB version 1 with creole as official lang !

The config file :


filename = txt.nub


if1_setting = si
if2_setting = kan
then_setting = alor
endcon_setting = zis_sa
ask_setting = Dmand
store_setting = store_li
in_setting = dans
output_setting = wa_print
use_setting = servi


if1_setting = if
if2_setting = when
then_setting = then
endcon_setting = only
ask_setting = ask
store_setting = store
in_setting = in
output_setting = output
use_setting = use


Users can, as usual, change these keywords, but it is shipped with creole as default setting

Why creole?

I am a mauritian, and it is fun to see some creole phrases going on the dev side !

Status of english?

English will remain the language of cooperation though as it is the most common link after programming that links programmers

So, two official languages ?


World’s first ?

I don’t think that a language has ever been developped in creole, even less in Mauritian creole.

Particularity of the wa_print keyword

The wa_print keyword has been inspired by DM elec