The lines which follow form part of an extract from the diwan of Imaam as shaa fi ‘ee. It contains priceless advices which if put into practice, it  will be sufficient .

All translations, transliterations and comments are mine.

Lines will be in the format :




= COMMENTARY – if any


note :  ‘ before a word needs you to pronounce it as r but from the depth of your throat

{ } used to separate lines



Imam As Shafi says in his Diwan:

1 {
دَع الأيــَّــامَ تــَــفــعــَــلُ مــَــا تــَــشــَـــاءْ

. Da ‘ee l ayyaama taf ‘alu maa tashaa
.. Let Days do whatever they want

= note : the singular feminine in the verb has been used as non-human plurals in arabic is treated as singular feminine

و طــِــبْ نــَــفـــْــــســـاً إذا حــَــكــَـــمَ الــقــَـــضــَـــاء

. Wa twib nafsan ithaa hakamal qadwaa

.. And let your self be content when the judgement of destiny falls

= hakama is the verb derived from wisdom and used in the sense of judging

== let the time and events follow their course, afflicting yourself serves nothing. Accepting things as they are and not revolting leads one to become pragmatic.



و لا تــَــجــْـــزَعْ لــِــحـــَـــادِثــَـــةِ الـلــَّــيــَـــالــى

. Wa laa tajz ‘a li haadithatil layaalii

.. And don’t be worried from the events of nights

فــَــمــَــا لــِــحــَـــوادِثِ الــدُّنــْـــيـــَــــا بــَـــقــَـــاء

. Famaa li hawaadithid dunyaa baqaa-

.. Incidents of the world are not everlasting

== Again an explanation for recomfort. Events, however big in magnitude fades someday or the other. How many people came before, what traces do we see of them ?



و كــُــنْ رَجــُـــلاً عــلــى الأهــْـــوالِ جــَــلــْــداً

. Wa kun rijaalam ‘alal ahwaali jaldaa

.. And be strong (litterally real men) against hardships

و شــيــمــَــتــُــكَ الــســَّـــمـَــاحــَــة و الــوفــَـــاء

. Wa sheematukas samaaha wal wafaa

.. And let your natural disposition become tolerance and loyalty / fulfillment.

= as samaaha means tolerance and it’s real meaning according to the verb comes from erasing just like when someone writes something bad on your piece of sand or paper or something like that, you just erase it, similarly, however bad someone may act with you, just erase the trace of his wrong doing from your heart


و إنْ كــَــثــُــرَتْ عــُــيــُـــوبــُــكَ فــى الــبــَــرَايــَـــا
. Wa in kathurat ‘ou yoo bouka fil baraayaa

.. And if your faults are many in this world

و ســَـــرَّكَ أنْ يــَــكــُـــونَ لــَــهــَـا غــِـــطـــَــاء

. Wa sarraka any yakuuna lahaa ghitwaa

.. And if you would like a cover for them

= lahaa used as plural of objects

== this line continues in the next

تــَـــســـَـــتــَّـــرْ بالــســَـــخــَــاءِ فــَــكــُــلُّ عــَــيــْــبٍ

. Tasattar bis sakhaa fa kullu ‘aybin
.. Seek cover under generosity, as every fault

يــُــغــَــطــّــيــهِ كــَــمــَــا قــِــيــلَ الــســَّـــخــَـــاء
. Yu ‘attwee hi kamaa qeelas sakhaa-
.. is covered, as said, by generosity

== Nobody is perfect meaning everybody has faults in them. If you would like others to overlook your faults, be generous. And that generosity which is reffering to is not only in terms of wealth, as we’ll see later on

و لا تــُــرِى للأعــَــادى قــَــطّ ذُلاً
. Wa laa tureel a’aadee qattwu zhullaa
.. And never show any humiliation to enemies

= be generous in your treatment of enemies.

*countless incidents have been narrated of preffering prisoners of war over oneself / one’s own army in terms of food – this comes not from the hardened hearts.

*if you commit excesses against them, then tough you are muslims, you will be punished by Allah / god as there is no barrier between the wronged one’s invocations and Allah / god.

فــَــإنَّ شــَــمــَـــاتــَـــةِ الأعــْـــداءِ بــَـــلاء
. Fa inna shamaatatil a’ daa i ballaa-
.. Then verily the enemies’ malicious mocking joy is a curse

= If you follow justice, awe will be placed in the enemies’ hearts, else the course of destiny you follow will be such that enemies will be always making fun of you. Whatever ou sow, you reap.

و لا تــَــرْجُ الــســَّــمــَـــاحــَــةَ مــِــنْ بــَــخــيــلٍ

. Wa laa tarjus samaaha mim bakheelin

.. And never seek for tolerance from someone mean

= samaaha has already been explained above

فــَــمــَــا فــى الــنــَّـــارِ لـِـلــظــَــمــْـــآنِ مــَــاءْ

. Fa maa fin naari lithamaani maa-

.. There is no water in fire for the thirsty

== By mean it means thrifty, the opposite of generosity. Someone who is mean cares not for others. Don’t seek vegetation in barren  lands, in hardened hearts, trees of compassion grow not

و رِزقــُــكَ لــَــيــْـــسَ يــُــنــْــقــِــصــُــهُ الــتــَّــأَنـــِّــى

. Wa rizquka laysa yanqisu

.. And your livelihood, does not lessen it : precautions

.. And precautions do not lessen livelihood

= doing things with composure does not means a decrease in your subsistance

و لــَــيــْــسَ يــُــزيــدُ فــى الــرِّزقِ الــعــَــنــَـــاء

. Wa laysa yuzeedu fir rizqil ‘anaa

.. And livelihood is never increased by hardships

= nor does it mean that the more you pass by the hard way, the more increase you will get

== follow what is just and good




فــَـــلا حــُـــزْنٌ يــَــدُومُ و لا ســُـــرورٌ

. Falaa huznun yadoomu wa laa suroor

.. There is no sorrow that lasts, nor happiness

و لا بــُــؤْسٌ عــَــلــَــيــْـــكَ و لا رَخــَـــاءْ

.Wa laa bou-soun ‘alayka wa laa rakhaa-

.. Nor misery, on you, nor prosperity

== emotions last not long. The thing that make you happy can be there, but you can not be happy. You are not happy nor sad all the times, nor states of ease . . .

Situations change and no one is immune from them!

How much wealthy persons were there before you ? Have their wealth lasted eternally ?(notice : yadoomu has been used – will remain eternally)




إذا مــَــا كــُــنــْــتَ ذَا قــَــلـــبٍ قــَــنـــُـــوعٍ

. Ithaa maa kunta thaa qalbin qanoo ‘in

.. If you have a content heart,

فــَــأنــْــتَ و مــَـــالــِــكِ الــدُّنـــْـــيـــَـــا ســـَـــوَاء

. Fa anta wa maalikid dunyaa sawaa-

.. Then you and the man who possesses the world are equal

== If you are content with whatever you have, you won’t envy others. the man who has all wealth at his dispositions is happy as he can accomplish his desires. but even then, he can’t accomplish all. The one who is content / who tamed his desires can achieve 100% happiness as he won’t be frustrated ever.




و مــَـــنْ نــَــزَلــَـــتْ بــِــســَـــاحــَـــتــِـــهِ الــمــَــنــَــايــَـــا

. Wa man nazala bi saahatihil manaayaa

.. And he whom death falls into his setting / life,

فــَـــلا أرْضٌ تــَـــقــيــهِ و لا ســَـــمــَـــاء

. Falaa ardhun taqeehi wa laa samaa-

.. Has no land to protect him nor sky

== Death reaches even the one who is behind vaulted doors




و أرْضُ اللهِ و اســِـــعـــةٌ و لــَــكــِـــنْ

. Wa ardhullahi waasi’a tun wa laakin

.. And Allah / god’s land is vast but

إذا نــَـــزَلَ الــقــَــضــَـــا ، ضــَــاقَ الــفــَــضــَـــاء

. Izhaa nazalal qadhwaa dhwaaqal fadhwaa

.. If destiny strikes (litterally come down), there is no space

= Your marge de manoeuvre i.e. your movement becomes restricted as if the earth has contracted !




دَعْ الأيـــَّـــامَ تــَــغـــْـــدُرُ كــُــلَّ حــِــيــنٍ

. Da’il ayyaama taghduru kulla heenin

.. Leave alone the days who betray now and then

= You are not the first one who is betrayed by situations. one can do nohing save accept, evaluate and act.

فــَــمــَـــا يــُــغــْـــنــِـــى عــَــنْ الــمــَــوْتِ الــدَّوَاء

. Famaa tughnii ‘anil mawti dawaa-

.. Medecine does not avail from death

= Better work for that reality which is certain i.e. death


who was imaam ash shaafi ‘ee ?

He was one of the greatest and most well versed scholars and founder of one of the four schools of jurisprudence.