Here is a point-wise list adapted from Benjamin, a coder from Azerbaijan

Disclaimer : You contact benjamin for further enquiries

First it is easy

The syntax is user-friendly readeability of codes good

Second you can use it for web development

Effective web frameworks written in python exist. Django for instance.

Third you can use it in data management

Python can interact with SQL, Postgre SQL as well as SQLite

 Forth you can use it in artificial intelligence

Fifth you can write applications for Linux, Android, Windows platform

Python has an in-built native gui toolkit named tkinter.

Sixth it is a scripting language

that means you can use it for administrative things, Such as Linux administration
Seventh ou can use c++, c, Java code along with Python Code 

See Cpython and Jpython and wrapping c++ classes.

Eighth it is been used in machine learning

Ninth from me

You can write your own native extentions in C !