Instead of explaining how to create a new lang then to do it, i’m doing both . . . 

What is the name and extention of the new language ?

Name : newB

Extention : .nub

Is it interpreted or compiled ?

Interpreted. based on Python 3

We can scale back to 2 at anytime !

Why the name of newB ?

I was rewriting a piece of code when i decided to name the folder : a new Begining the capital B as i would sometimes do in naming variables but as it was too long i named it newB

After sometimes i realised that it sounded like ‘newbie’ which suited perfectly the situation, i was a newbie in language creation, my language was a newbie in the language world an i had in mind to write it newbie / beginners’ style

Why an extention of .nub ?

It is because it spells out nu-B : newB same as the language name

Is the language Open Source ?


How can i conribute to it ?

Via Git hub. For now i tied it to my gh account, later we’ll decentralise and move to an organisation

See the link here !

found at

Where is it and where do we take it to ?

See the



files in the repository

What is the logo of the language ?

Not yet decided

What is the license released under ?

Free to copy

Source must be mentionned    C L E A R L Y   including

— The author / authors’ name

— The language name i.e. newB

Why a new language ?

This will be duly explained in next posts,

stay tuned !