You can use kivy to develop Android apps with really nice and innovative widgets using Python

Kivy is OpenSource

The  easiest way to run Kivy is through the an app called Kivy Launcher found at

on the Play .

What you need to do on your phone ?

Go to storage/emulated/0/

(sometimes named as sdcard)

You have to

1 create a folder named kivy in the above location

2 create a folder having the same name as your project in the kivy folder above

The two files needed

In the folder having the same name as your app name, create two files

1 android.txt



In android.txt write

title = myPyApp

author = AR

orientation = portrait

just replace the title and author with your own !

In write

from import App

from kivy.uix.button import Button

class TestApp(App):

    def build(self):

        return Button(text=’Hello world, from a nice blog’)


Now go to the kivy launcher you should see :



choose your project :



You see :



If you click it, it will become Blue as it’s a button



Problems creating files etc ?

Download :

Es explorer, a file nice explorer

Kivy launcher really crappy instruction
Well, i had to glue together pieces of information to get the laucher running,

Kivy recommends the launcher, but it seems that they thought you made the app…

user comments are always valuable . . .

Word of caution

The launcher should only be used for quick testing, not for production !