There are three unforgiveable blunders in perfect Whatsapp. The white sheet of nice User Interface (UI) and efficient service is tainted by reproaches from User Experience (UE) and Design Decision (DD).


  Group Administration 👎 

It is indeed strange that Whatsapp did not think of admins’ security.

Currently, as soon as you make someone admin, he can kick you out even if you are the group creator.

While in a group full of friends and family trust is never questioned, in a group with hundreds of strangers it matters. Your admins are the security backdoors. They can be persuaded to kick you out by religious or nationalist links.

This issue has been adressed by respectable companies. They put 2 levels of administration. One normal admin and one group owner.

Then no problem, you can include as many moderators as you see fit without any fear. Else, as it is now you, if for example you are not online 24/24 hrs you won’t put mods for fear of group takeover.


  No tab separation for group and personal chat 👎 

All conversations are on one single list. The most recent messages arrived propels a chat at the top.

Unless you have a really crazy friend, personal chats are less active than group chats and so remain at the bottom perpetually.


 Notifications mix 👎 

You cannot really completely ignore a chat or even mute it.

Say you have a group receiving up to 500 messages per day. You want to ignore it, so that it’s notification count does not mix with the chats you are interested in : you cannot. Mute does not help.

At a glance, you cannot determine by the number of messages received, if the messages are worth a check in rush hour.

   BONUS FLAW NO. 3.5   

  Group picture and topic change 👎 

In a group chat, any clown can change the group picture and the topic.

It makes the group lose it’s identity completely.

You can be searching for a group chat that does not exist …

Even admins cannot forbid members from doing that.

If Whatsapp wants to maintain this policy, the optionality of it may be considered.

Waiting for next updates . . .