A woman, when she leaves her parent’s home, is taken under the custody of the husband and it is his duty to provide food, shelter and clothing and to deal with her according to the best standards of equality and human excellence. So as to ensure the financial independence of the wife, the husband must give her, at the time of concretising the contract or afterwards, a minimum sum of money so as to enable the woman’s survival in the case of misfortunes. But she is free to do whatever she wants with her wealth and as an added bonus a sum of money given to her monthly or weekly or as judged necessary opens some interesting financially-restrained avenues, if used properly.

Discomforts of change

Well, being used to a world where she is revered as a child; where consideration, kindness, appreciation, solicitude and immunity are showered upon her, being a being* with feelings, change is not smooth. The woman is transfered to a world where she is expected to fulfill roles: the role of a companion, counsellor and mother if the case is such.

And so, the house receiving her must be aware of that, understand her and bear with her to the extent which one’s honour permits.

Respect her because she changed her name for you?!

While it is true that a woman does undergo some evolution in her daily life, sacrifised the comfort and consideration of her native home for her husband, she does not need to change her name. Why does she have to change her name? If we ignore the legal aspect of it, does she have to change her name just for the sake of tradition? What if she does not want? Is name change an obligation for a maiden?

Effacing her identity for better servitude?

Though the wife has obligations towards the husband, she is not required to change her name. You are not two souls, one body. You are two different and distinct entities. The husband brought the wife as a honourable guest, not as someone to be sucked in and drowned for the growth of his ego. She has the right in extreme cases to ask for divorce to take immediate effect. She is not chained to you for eternity in all conditions. Learn to treat her as an ally with whom you have a treaty of collaboration, not as some colonised, annexed dependencies.

Reflect before harping on the name of freedom !

It is indeed a great irony to see “great”, “enlightened” and “modern” representatives of women rights and the so-called feminists beating around the bush or “bouze fixe” on some hackneyed issues. They do no more than copy-pasting in bulk the lines of thinking and arguments of contemporary foreign atheism and light versions of Christianity. They do no more than opening a local branch of some foreign ideologies. Respect of women lies in them being women. A man and a woman form a couple, yes a couple not a unity of matter. If names remain the same, why not surnames?

The Legal aspect

If a law requires maiden name to be changed, no problem but remember, a secular constitution was supposed to be based on reason, or at least the perceived correct interpretation of reality.

The last word 

There are many incoherences around, pin pointing only one issue has little or no effect. Keep this article as info for the future . . .

*being a being, well that is intentional.