Was searching for some online tests to practice for the oral driving test. I came across this :


This is a quiz intended to help those taking part in the oral driving test. It is from Gices Abraham from CleverDodo.mu.

The (clever) dodo makes mauritians pay!


Seems that we can no longer trust the dodo to act with pure benevolent intentions. Maybe because it’s the clever dodo as opposed to just the dodo. Well, everybody is free

Dodo, why are you sky blue?

Mauritius and sky-blue color? What relationship? Twitter?


Affiliation and it’s implication

Let us say that i have an organisation named childcare and have a child-related logo but my organisation is not too friendly to children . . . Why the child logo?

Symbols, symbolism and meaning

You can choose anything to represent anything, but it’s like representing an airfield by a car-park sign . . .