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Starting . . .

In every field, you need to aim at excellence and so, inspiring yourself from great persons strengthens your determination, broadens your vision and throws a light of hope.

Inspiration and possibility

Binded to some extent by a unified culture moulded by climate , heritage and mixing; different components of the society tend to exhibit common traits.

Feats of skills performed by one cluster opens up the possibility of it being performed by the others.

On Mauritius

Mauritius has been labelled the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean despite the smallness of it’s land area. There are no other means contributing to that except the potential of Mauritians. It would not be false to say that Mauritians are the rays of hope of Africa.

Mauritius and the local list 

The lands of Mauritius have been blessed with fertility, the fertility of greatness and sharpness of mind. The realisations of Mauritians exceed by far the expectations of many minds including the economist James Meade. We have reached the stage where we can inspire ourselves from the products of our land.

Geniuses and non-conformity

Blessed by vision and substancial mind power, geniuses don’t always follow the conventional path nor were their achievements the final products of striving along the lines of conventional ways. Don’t hate them because they took the helicopter while you walked on foot amidst bushes and thorns.

Encouragement and preservation

Achievers even if they are young, we must recognise their worth while at the same time supporting and exerting behind the less gifted. Even rough treatment and scolding without justification can lead to regrets, the regret of being what you are. But more importantly, it might be a hinderance to the future, to those who had always aspired to follow the path of sublimeness.

Academic results or skills?

Academic results don’t define you but your skills yes, a failure at a final exam after preparation is not a life failure or any failed exam does not qualify you as being a second class human. Your inexorable skills count!

Respect the struggle!

No people is born with gold in hands. They have worked hard to achieve something, respect and appreciate the hard work!

Inspiration and the awakening of potentials

The only act of inspiring make you realise your worth, what you have got inside you. Have confidence in yourself!

A lead

Check out this mauritian guy, if there was not so much polemics on him, i would’ve written his name in plain text. Check him out :

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